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About us

Since 1995 Raffa Kozmetik, LLC has become a pioneer in the new perfume-related business. At present the Company goes abroad of Russia to win international markets.

S PARFUM was registered as a brand in 2014.


S Parfum today is an international perfume manufacturer with its own factory and a R&D lab. By attracting the most advanced innovations and a tremendous own experience, S Parfum is rapidly growing both nationally (in Russia) and internationally. The Company’s products are successfully distributed in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, and other countries.


Close partnership with leading manufacturers of ingredients from the Western Europe, which S Parfum uses for its production process, guarantees premium quality of all products.


Due to the well-thought out marketing and the sales methods, which are often used during economic downfalls, the Company successfully develops: there are over 100 stores in 35 cities of Russia, not counting some other countries. This result was reached within a very short period of time – 3 years from the product launch in Russia.